With everything that’s been going on, the bright spot in my week was BEA! It’s always been in NYC so when I heard it would be in Chicago this year, I knew I had to go. Then I found out there was a blogger’s conference! I couldn’t take off more than a day of work so I decided to go to the conference and hope there would be giveaways. I wasn’t disappointed!

This was my first BEA and I walked through the doors and this is what I saw. I didn’t want to leave.

I had been to McCormick Place before but always forget how huge it is. And this day, it was full of people who were there for the books!!

But first: the Blogger’s Conference. If you’re just starting a blog or thinking about it and need the push to jump in, I highly recommend going. Being in a room full of like minded people is exciting. I’m an introvert and have a lot of trouble talking to strangers. I had panic attacks the night before and wondered if it was too late to back out. But I wasn’t going to get the registration fee back so I went. I am so glad I did!

The panel above had great advice on how to get in contact with publishers for review copies and other general advice for book bloggers. There was plenty of time to talk to other people and I met so many friendly fellow bibliophiles. I saw people I recognized from blogs and Twitter but was too shy to approach them.  I was so relieved when someone talked to me first that I texted my husband “I’ve talked to two people!!”

The most informative part of the day was probably the table talks. There were 16 tables set up with moderators for topics ranging from diversity in books to how to monetize your site. The only complaint I have was that there wasn’t more time! We only had 3 rotations and there were definitely more than 3 topics I wanted to discuss.

And now, the best part. THE BOOKS!

At the end of the day, I was tired, happy, and sweaty. My arm hurt from the haul and I LOVED it. If I could have taken another day off, I would have gone back for more.

I even snagged a review copy for the kids. We’ve been reading it every night since.



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