Bout of Books 16 – Day 1

Monday. Today was a L-O-N-G day and a busy one. I didn’t get to eat breakfast or lunch but I managed to finish reading Giant Days Vol. 1, on my iPhone, while waiting for progress bars to move. (I’m a tech support specialist by day and book junkie by night.)

I love my library but I’m really upset that they don’t have volume 2. Volume 1 got me through a rough day and I want more! It was quirky and funny and sad in parts. For anyone who knows me, it’s probably not surprising that my favorite character is Esther.

But all of the girls are unique and so lovable because they’re just trying to figure it out and making a mess out of it. Their friendship felt more real to me than any girl friends I see on “reality” TV or HBO. (I swear I just heard something on the TV about diet ice cream making you fat and what waist trainers are really doing to your body. I’m not turning around.) If I had money, I would buy a box of these and just hand them out on college campuses. If I had money and I wasn’t an introvert who doesn’t like talking to strangers. 


I didn’t set a goal for how many books I want to read this week. Just to read during every free moment I can spare, without ignoring my children. I’m happy with what I did today. One book down, 1427 to go!

someecards books


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