Locke and Key

Back in May, Joe Hill came to Anderson’s Bookshop in Naperville, IL. So of course I made the hour drive there, stood in line for another hour for this picture, and then drove an hour back, while 8 months pregnant. Totally worth it! I have loved everything I’ve read by him so far and he was just as great to listen to in person.

I don’t remember how I got started on his Locke and Key series, just that I was hooked from the first issue. I have always loved skeleton keys. They are beautiful in their simplicity but their designs are endless in possibility. Joe Hill took this concept to the next level. And Gabriel Rodriguez’s art makes horror beautiful. I don’t want to give a summary of the story so far because if you haven’t read it, go get started! The good news is Volume 6 comes out in February so you have time to catch up! The bad news is that it is the end of an amazing series. There is horror, there is death, and the keys play a large part in both sides of the final battle. But what I love about the ending is that while the keys can make people giant, erase memories, repair things that are broken, almost anything the heart desires, the keys don’t win the battle. It is the characters’ commitment to their family, their love for their friends, their belief that good can conquer evil that vanquish the darkness.
I know all good things have to come to an end, but I sincerely hope that this is not the end of the Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez partnership.

I’m back

This blog has been neglected for a couple years due to the stress of being pregnant with our daughter. Then from the stress of having a very strong willed infant who hated sleeping. Just when we got her sleeping through the night, we found out I was pregnant again! So now we have a very active, still strong willed, toddler, and an easy going (except when he’s hungry) infant. As you can imagine, between a full time job and two small children, it’s not easy finding time to read, let alone organize my thoughts to put down on paper.

But reading to my children, and finding new books to read to them, (board books and picture books! It’s a whole new world!) has reawakened my desire to read for a living. To do so, I know I have to write as well. So I decided that a little less sleep won’t make a difference. It’ll be an excuse to buy myself some really good coffee!

After deciding this, last night, I got a lot less sleep than usual. Our toddler woke up screaming and would not go back to sleep. The commotion woke the baby so my husband and I had to play man to man defense, switching off, trying to calm them both back to sleep. After 2 hours, we were exhausted and apparently, so were they. Fortunately, the rest of the night was uneventful, but I woke up crabby and in serious need of coffee. And of course, we were out.

Enter Pusheen! I received a copy from Netgalley and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I am not a cat person. In fact, I’m allergic to them. But I dare anyone with a cold heart to read this comic and not want to adopt this cat and feed her marshmallows!! And just when you think she can’t get any cuter, she gets lazy with a sloth! The only thing better than the book is the website. You must see this cat in action. It might seem crazy but I am in a much better mood. Still exhausted but I think I’m gonna make it.

I’ll just work the rest of the day like this: