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I had originally started this blog years ago to write about the books I read. So much of what I read has become a part of who I am, especially what I read in my adolescence. Now I have two small children so I am rediscovering some old favorites and finding new ones every day.

My husband is an elementary school teacher and his class did a wonderful thing for us last year. They threw us a baby shower and all of the gifts were books! Each of his students contributed a book that they loved, some were new, others were obviously well loved. It gave us a great start to our home library.

My daughter is 19 months old now and already loves to be read to. She brings books to us to read and snuggles in our laps. She asks for “more?” as soon as we finish one. We use it to occupy her when changing her diaper, we use it to bribe her to go up to bed. Now we’ve started to read to our baby boy, who is 4 months old. I hope that he will loves books as much as his sister does, as much as I do.

So rather than make this blog all about me, I’ve decided to document the books we all read. I hope to have this record to look back on when my children and grown and see how their books became a part of them and shaped them to be who they are.