Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis is one of the standards by which I measure all other graphic novels.  I loved her Embroideries and Chicken With Plums too so I was excited to see this at my local comic book store.  At first I was disappointed.  It’s a short story, only 56 pages.  The illustrations are recognizable as Satrapi’s but it had a completely different feel to them.  Maybe because they are in color.  Maybe because they stand alone on each page, lost without the boundaries of a comic strip format.  And the story just didn’t do it for me either, especially as a love story.  Maybe because the woman sells herself as a slave to punish herself for accidentally killing her love.  In my opinion, it does not measure up to Persepolis.  It might have been better as a fable told within another story.  In the end, it is the last line that makes this story memorable for me because it isn’t just about love but about life.
“Life hangs from so slender a thread. Life is but a sigh…”

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