After spending four days in Portland, I only have pictures of the food I ate there because it was so good.  My husband and I went back to the food carts three times.  We love to get different things and then share so that we can try as many things as possible.  But this isn’t a food blog.

The other thing I did there was drink coffee.  I would have taken pictures of my coffee but it wasn’t nearly as interesting to look at as it was to taste.  I visited a different place every day and avoided Starbucks: Stumptown, Public Domain, The Ugly Mug, Bean and Tree.  As I’m sitting here, sipping on a cup of Stumptown’s house blend, I am kicking myself for only bringing back one bag of beans.

And of course there are the books.  There are Powell’s bookstores everywhere but there is only one Powell’s City of Books.  I thought The Strand was huge but this place is ginormous!  I went back there three times and still didn’t get through the whole place.  Partly because I had to stop and look at every sale table, every recommendation shelf, and look up every book with an interesting cover that I had never heard of.  Somehow I managed to restrain myself and I only bought five books, which turned out to be a good thing because we found out that my suitcase just made the 50lb limit.

I don’t think Portland is a city I would want to live in but I wouldn’t mind visiting it again.  The books, the coffee, the no sales tax, the food carts.  It was the perfect mini vacation I needed.

And now, back to your regular programming.


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