dream a little dream

My husband got up and out early today because he has a lot of work to do so I’m up and out of bed at this ungodly hour (before 6am!!)  I really don’t feel like working today or being around people.  I’d rather dream.

I love our little townhouse; it’s perfect for just the two of us.  But someday, I dream of a bigger house.  Nothing obnoxious but I would like a garage, a backyard, a huge kitchen with an island and two ovens, and a bathroom with a tub I can swim in.  But most importantly, as I’ve told anyone who will listen, I want a room just for my books.  My own private library.  It has to have plenty of windows for natural light, shelves from floor to ceiling, and comfy chairs to sit in.  I saw this bookshelf and have now filed away in my dream library.  Check out the artist’s other creations. 

Something about books makes me happy.  I love being surrounded by them.  Maybe it’s all the stories that still have to be read or all the ideas that people have translated to print.  Potential.  If my house was on fire, I’d grab my backup hard drive with all my pictures, my camera, and a few of my favorite books.  Maybe I should keep a bag packed …


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