The holidays have officially begun.  These past few months have been difficult and I always get depressed around the holidays but Thanksgiving was wonderful and my 5-day weekend went by way too quickly.  My sister and her fiance came to stay with us and I always hate to see her go.  It was good to see my dad so happy and so proud to be having Thanksgiving at his daughter’s house for the first time.  The cutest thing was when he kept saying “just the guys”.  My poor dad was the only man in a house with three women.  Now he has two sons-in-law.

But now it’s cold and gloomy in Chicago.  No snow yet but I can feel it getting closer.  All the twinkling lights are beautiful, especially on Michigan Ave but Christmas carols before December 24th makes me angry.  So to endure the next three weeks of work before Christmas vacation, I have to redirect my thoughts.  And what’s a better distraction than zombies!

I don’t like a lot of gore and violence but there is something about vampires and zombies that I find so entertaining.  Two of my favorite zombie movies are Zombieland and Shaun of the Dead.  I like a little comic relief and Woody Harrelson and Simon Pegg never fail to deliver!

So I was excited to hear about AMC’s new show The Walking Dead.  My Sunday nights have been empty after LOST ended and Mad Men went on it’s seasonal vacation.  I was a little worried because zombie movies/shows can be really cheesy but I should have known that AMC wouldn’t do anything less than quality.  I have to cover my eyes when they smash axes and hammers into zombies’ heads but the story is really well written so I get through it.

The violence and the zombies are a part of it but the driving force in the story is the people.  What happens to society when there is no government, no military?  Who takes charge?  Who should be the authority?  And of course, it’s a story about human survival, which is very much a reality, even if zombies aren’t.  Yet.

And of course, I was intrigued because it was based on a graphic novel.  Borders had a 50% off coupon over ThanksgivingI got Compendium 1 and it is a behemoth of a book.  It’s over 1000 pages long and each page is printed on glossy paper so it’s high quality stuff.  I could probably kill a zombie by throwing the book at its head.  Or at least beat it to death.
The beginning of the show follows the books but with a few new characters and a couple different side stories.  I’ve gotten much further into the book and it’s so intense, I have to put it down and read something lighter.  The drawings are amazing.  And amazingly gory.  If you’re a fan of the show, I highly recommend it.  But you might want to find a coupon.  It’s worth the $60 but it’s a hefty price.

Hate is a very strong word

People say that time flies when you’re having fun.  It also flies when you’re keeping busy to avoid thinking about what could have been.  I haven’t updated since August.  Not that I haven’t been reading.  I guess I just didn’t feel like sharing.

Back in October, my husband got me this book.  It’s one of those books that doesn’t have anything of substance but somehow manages to cheer me up.  Mostly because I hate a lot of the same things Matthew DiBenedetti hates!  I just flip to a random page and it never fails to make me giggle.  Is that weird?

Some of my favorites so far:

“I hate that I don’t have a green thumb.”
“I hate that plants don’t tell me when they are thirsty.”

“I hate that I never learned to drive a stick shift.”
“I hate seeing big, seven-passenger SUVs with one person in them.”
“I hate that ‘blood rushing to your head’ feeling when police car lights come on behind you.”
“I hate when the cop rushes past you after you get that feeling — for no reason.”

“I hate that they never found the beef.”
“I hate overplayed commercials.”
“I hate jingles that you can’t get out of your head.”
“I hate that everybody doesn’t know that the bird, bird, bird; the bird is the word.”

I don’t think I actually hate everything.  But some days I do.  I’m sure it’s in his book somewhere, I just haven’t gotten to it yet, but I have to say, I hate it when they play Christmas music before Thanksgiving.