Escape to Sweden

Weddings are usually a joyous occasion.  And this one was for all those involved.  My sister-in-law got married to her girlfriend in a beautiful, relaxed, outdoor wedding.  Friends and family came from near and far.  There was lots of laughter, as there should be.  I loved taking pictures of them as they made faces, kissed, and with every motion expressed their love for each other.  It was a happy day so I tried not to cry every time a relative hugged me and whispered “I’m so sorry.”  I tried not to look at the very pregnant woman that my husband walked down the aisle.  I tried not to listen as my brother-in-law’s girlfriend sat next to me and cheerfully told people about how her pregnant sister (who is due a few weeks before I was) is “huge” and “so excited”.  (Yesterday, I couldn’t stop the angry tears after hearing about how a friend of a friend got pregnant in college, obviously on accident, and is now pregnant with her third child.)  I tried to enjoy the festivities but between the mosquitos that were feasting on me (my legs actually ache) and the oppressive heat (not to mention the annoying girl that sticks out her chest every time my husband is nearby), I ducked out early, got some Starbucks, and went back to my hotel room.

What better escape is there than a book?  Especially a murder/mystery set in Sweden.  (I would love to go to Sweden.  Right now, I would love to go anywhere but here.)  I am usually wary of books that are a huge sensation.  Early on in the Harry Potter craze, I resisted.  When I finally sat down at Barnes and Noble to read the first one, I ended up buying the first 4 in the series.  Hardcover.  But in most cases, books that are hyped don’t live up to the press.  Like the Twilight series.  I think Bella is annoying, Edward is dull (not at all dazzling), the guy who plays Edward in the movie is ugly, and the guy who plays Jacob should put on a shirt.  Stephanie Meyers has ruined the vampire genre for me.

So I resisted “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” book for as long as I could.  Then my husband asked me to find a book for him to read.  I downloaded this one on his Nook and when he couldn’t put it down (which doesn’t happen very often), I caved.  The first hundred pages dragged.  It took me a few days to get through because I was bored and kept putting it down.  But then it picked up speed and didn’t slow down.  I was near the end when it was time to go the wedding and I brought the book with me, just in case I had time to sit and get a few more pages in.  I finally finished it and I’m satisfied with the ending. There were disturbing parts but it never felt like the violence was gratuitous.  I know I’ll be covering my eyes when we watch the movie.  The title character, Lisbeth, is fascinating.  I can relate to a character that is angry.  I ordered the second book in the series but it won’t arrive until Tuesday.  Until then, I guess I have to go back to reality.  It’s unfortunate that I left the bottle of Pinot Noir at the campgrounds.  I had hoped to have it keep me company tonight.

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