if you give a girl a book …

The holidays are finally over! Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing my family, I look forward to the annual family party, I love giving gifts but I have little energy/patience for anything else. It seems that the moment we go on winter break, there are parties to attend. I get so overwhelmed by the people and the noise, I just want to hide under a table or behind the sofa. By the end of November, the seasonal depression is in full swing and I just want to hole away somewhere with a book and some coffee; instead we go from one social event to the other. Fortunately, my husband is a social butterfly so he can carry a conversation and I get to sit back. I just wish it wasn’t rude to read at a party when you don’t feel like talking to people.

Speaking of reading, one of my favorite presents was from my sister. We are both obsessive/compulsive about keeping our books in near perfect condition. We don’t write in them (unless I’m reading something for class and in that case I will buy a second copy if necessary to keep the first one pristine), we don’t fold the cover back, we try not to crease the spine. If it’s a hardcover, we will lean to one side with the book open at a 90 degree angle. I’m not exaggerating. So these pretty book covers made by Hide-a-Book were the perfect gift. They are so pretty! And practical! They fit most (if not all) mass market and trade paperbacks. And I love the ribbon bookmark. I am always using scraps of paper, post-its, menus, or whatever else I can find to mark my pages. I highly recommend visiting her Etsy site! I’m hoping someday she’ll have book covers for hardcover books too.


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