must read faster

Two Thursdays a month are exciting because Amazon offers new books for the Vine members. sadly, i haven’t read enough of the books i’ve requested to receive more and this book was released today. of course they ran out of copies within the hour it was posted. i was so disappointed i actually sat in front of my computer saying “noooooooo!” and shaking my fists.

i guess it doesn’t matter. i’m so stressed out about my graduate school application i didn’t sleep well. i think i had a nightmare about it. i had asked two professors to write recommendations for me a month ago and they both said they were happy to. except i don’t know if they have. if the recommendations aren’t received by today, my application won’t even be considered. if i don’t get in this quarter, there’s next quarter but i’ve spent over $100 just for the application and transcripts. i don’t know if i’ll have to resubmit everything again. it really shouldn’t be this expensive to get an education.

so after all the other little things i have to do today (because i’ve been putting them off all week), i’ll be baking to try to quell the nerves and reading while i wait for the timer to ding.


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