must read faster

Two Thursdays a month are exciting because Amazon offers new books for the Vine members. sadly, i haven’t read enough of the books i’ve requested to receive more and this book was released today. of course they ran out of copies within the hour it was posted. i was so disappointed i actually sat in front of my computer saying “noooooooo!” and shaking my fists.

i guess it doesn’t matter. i’m so stressed out about my graduate school application i didn’t sleep well. i think i had a nightmare about it. i had asked two professors to write recommendations for me a month ago and they both said they were happy to. except i don’t know if they have. if the recommendations aren’t received by today, my application won’t even be considered. if i don’t get in this quarter, there’s next quarter but i’ve spent over $100 just for the application and transcripts. i don’t know if i’ll have to resubmit everything again. it really shouldn’t be this expensive to get an education.

so after all the other little things i have to do today (because i’ve been putting them off all week), i’ll be baking to try to quell the nerves and reading while i wait for the timer to ding.

to be young and in love … in Paris

A Moveable Feast has been on my must-read list for years but some books I have to be in a certain mood to enjoy. I’ve been in the mood for Paris all summer and have read several books having to do with life in Paris so I thought now was a good time to start on Hemingway. I really don’t know much about him. I haven’t read any of his other books. So this memoir was really my introduction to him and I’m intrigued. He makes being young, poor, and in love in Paris seem like the ideal life. I’m sure Paris has changed a lot since then but his writing invokes a feeling of longing for what was. Not just his marriage and his first love, but the life they had before he became published, when they lived off of his meager earnings. Life is simple when you have less. I’m starting to think it is happier as well. I sighed when I finished, imagining Hadley at the train station and added The Sun Also Rises (the first book he published) to my must-read list.

moving in

i hate moving to a new place. in this case, it’s a new blog space. there are a lot of things to consider, prepare for, and then set up. but i think it’ll be worth it. i’ve spent hours finding the perfect template and then tweaking it so it was exactly what i wanted. i was on vox and i liked it there but i felt too restricted. i needed more freedom to make it mine. so here i am!